Learn the lesson and get back to living! Today I celebrated my birthday with a visit to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts with my brother (Kwame Brown), and I took a moment to reflect on what I learned (or relearned) about myself, life, love and business this past year. One lesson learned played like the song to my life — Learn the lesson and get back to living. I believe, and practice, that anytime negative shows up, positive is available. I look for the positive and then give my energy to that positive. When I fall flat on my ass like I did this past year, I do the same. I find the positive, even if it’s just identifying the lesson and what to do differently moving forward. And then … I let it go. If I keep beating myself up over what happened, no one is benefiting from that, especially not me. My energy that could be directed towards positive is still in negative because I am beating myself up. Learn the lesson and then expand your energy on the positive! Isn’t that what love would do? You would do it for another. Now, do it for yourself. Much love and appreciation to everyone who wished my a happy birthday I will see you again next year

Forever and always #TheHappyEntrepreneur

“StayConsistentToday – The best days of your life are coming.”

#HappyEntrepreneurShow #TodayIsMyJanuary1st

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