How to tell stories on purpose to grow revenue and amplify your impact.  Storytelling is a powerful business tool and a skill that every business building a powerful and lasting brand should master.  A clearly communicated story is the backbone of a strong sales and marketing strategy.  While every business has a story to tell, too many fail at doing so in a way that is clear, captivating and effective.   Join Paulette Harper as she spills all the beans:  Amplifying Your Story and Take Center Stage.  Thursday 3/4 @ 11:00 pm Eastern – Watch in HD  and get the notes and replay.


Who is Paulette Harper?


Paulette Harper is an eleven-time best-selling, two-time award-winning author, speaker, certified empowerment coach, and expert story coach. She has been featured in CBS, ABC, The Sacramento Observer, CBN, and NBC. 


Paulette uses her gifts to equip ambitious Christian women speakers & entrepreneurs to write, publish books, and be the catalyst for transformation in their spheres of influence. She is committed to empowering women and equipping them with tools to unapologetically share their voices and stories, as well as helping them push past barriers and discover their purpose, so they may become the best version of themselves. 


She is also the founder of Elevate Your Story Mastery Program where she teaches aspiring authors how to publish books and she is the visionary author of two #1 Bestselling book anthologies – “Arise From The Ashes & Women Who Soar ” with 14 co-authors. 


As a minister of the Gospel, she has devoted her life to sharing the message of hope on as many platforms as possible. Paulette preaches, “Live with purpose. Don’t limit God. Stay focused and allow God to take you places you have only imagined.”


Watch LIVE in HD: get the notes and replay.


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