Breaking mental barriers to achieve success. Success is a journey. In fact, success is often one of the most difficult and exciting journeys we will ever embark upon in our lives. Years ago, I discovered a powerful secret that changed my life forever. I learned that success is a mindset. In the age of self-help gurus and motivational speakers we have heard so much about success. Yet it seems that we find ourselves living such unfulfilled lives. Clearly, success is not the product of much reading. Success is the product of reprogramming our thinking. Success is always connected to a thought pattern. Negative and toxic thoughts rob us of the ability to think clearly and create a life of success. Tonight Quentin McCain will break down 5 Ways to Create A Mental Breakthrough to Success. Join tonight Wednesday, 12/18 @ 11:00 pm eastern – Watch in HD: Who is Quentin McCain? Quentin is the coauthor of “Think On These Things”, an Amazon #1 Best Seller and knows what it takes to unlock innovation and build outrageous confidence. Quentin utilizes his personal experience, a decade of studying in the realm of personal development, mindset, and the proven principles of (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Quentin will show you how to reprogram your thinking, and replace negative self-talk to re-engage your mission, renew passion for your life, and reinvigorate innovation to achieve greater success. Watch LIVE in HD: get the notes and replay.

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