Effective Ways To Boost Valuable Business Referrals. Eighty-five percent of small businesses report that referrals are their number one source of new.

What’s one way to significantly get someone to buy from you? Have a friend refer them. That’s according to research from Nielsen, which reports that people are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend to a particular business. Join Riah Gonzalez as she spills all the beans tonight: Client Engagement And Increasing Referrals Through Client Experience. Tuesday, 7/28 @ 11:00 pm Eastern – Watch in HD www.HappyEntrepreneursTribe.com and get the notes and replay.

Who is Riah Gonzalez?

Riah Gonzalez is a client experience consultant and is the CEO & Founder of Linq Consulting Solutions, a female-run Client Experience Consulting company focused on strengthening connections of business owners and professionals with their clients.

�Linq Consulting Solutions aims to revive dormant connections through their client re-engagement process which is customized, depending on the needs of the business. ��The goal is to serve as a strong conduit between entrepreneurs and their existing network of contacts, to re-generate revenue, referrals, and most importantly, fortify relationships. ��People-centric and heart-based, Riah brings a personal touch to her client experience service. She takes pride in a sincere passion for helping others, combined with a large splash of business strategy. ��Along with her expertise, she carries with her a Magna Cum Laude badge of honor in Administrative Management and Information Technology, as well as decades of in-person connection as a former Telecommunications Supervisor.

�Riah’s commitment and high efficiency has earned her multiple awards, such as Life Sales Producer and several Bravo awards for superb customer service.

�Riah is a loving wife, a supermom to 3 beautiful daughters, and a mentor to a team of female virtual assistants, creating opportunities for them and empowering them to be their best selves.

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