Do it in the rain! Don’t Stop. Don’t Give Up. Keep Going No Matter What! Tonight I was already running when the rain began. It was the last hill of the last mile of my run. Big fat drops hit the pavement and bounced back up against my legs. Mist rose off the road and swirled around my legs. And even though my heart was pounding and my legs burned, a grin spread across my face. I swear my heart cracked wide open in that one, perfect moment.

There’s a whole lot you should experience in the rain. Singing. Dancing. Making Love. The rain brings life. Wakes us up. Quenches our thirst. We spend a whole lot of time and money trying to keep from getting wet. Sometimes we need to just get over it and let the rain drench us until we realize what a miracle we are living.

Forever and always

Che Brown


“StayConsistentToday – The best days of your life are coming.”

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