How to Attract New Customers to Your Business. Figuring out how to attract new customers is the part that frustrates most business owners. For instance, if you’re a doctor, you needn’t search for new patients – they come to you. But, this is not the case for most businesses. Attracting new customers is undeniably baffling. Most entrepreneurs started their businesses because they love the work they do, not because they like selling. Unfortunately, your business won’t survive if you’re not good at attracting new customers. Join Stacey Ellen as she spills all the beans tonight: How To Attract Clients With Abundance and Ease, Tuesday, 7/7 @ 11:00 pm Eastern – Watch in HD and get the notes and replay.

Who is Stacey Ellen?

Stacey Ellen is the founder of Awaken The Leader Within and trains Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Professionals how to master heart-centered leadership so they live with more joy and create financial success with ease. She believes that as you heal and master yourself, your inner light shines brighter and ripples out to help heal the planet.

As a Certified Success Coach and Reiki Master, Stacey speaks on stages worldwide and helps people create their own personal recipe for success in Business and Personal Achievements. Stacey’s clients fully awaken to their power to create multiple 6-figure businesses and attract more opportunities in all areas of life.

Audiences who hear her speak love her heart centered approach to training and gain knowledge they can implement quickly to get results in their business and life. Stacey has shared stages with many well-known experts like Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, and Kevin Harrington while guiding people to move through obstacles, stand strong in their power and lead with clarity and confidence.She’s contributed in two best-seller books, and her clients are often call her their “secret weapon” as she guides them to become the best version of themselves and connect to the abundance around them.

Watch in HD and get the notes and replay

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