How to Write Killer Sales Copy (And See If It’s Working) Sales copy matters more than you might think. A photograph of a smartphone doesn’t tell you its specs. A video about a running shoe can’t attract search traffic without intriguing copy to go with it. You need the copywriting portion of your sales page to compel action. Unfortunately, far too many marketers don’t know what sales copy is or why it matters. Worse, they write uninspired copy that turns off consumers and gives their competitors the advantage. Tonight Shawn Mason teaching how to write connecting converting copy quickly Watch in HD: Monday, January 20th @ 11:00 pm Eastern. Who is Shawn Mason? There are an estimated 25 million entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Shawn Mason is proud to be counted as one. For over 20 years, Shawn Mason has worked with corporations, non-profits, government agencies and small businesses in helping them communicate with their ideal customer. Regardless of their background or industry, Mason has mastered connection, relatability and authenticity in marketing, publishing and entrepreneurship. In short, this mom of 5 hailing from Detroit is here tonight to help you write powerful words that will sell more of your stuff…yeah no matter the stuff you selling. You all get ready for best practices, great info and some over-the top energy with comedienne and award-wing copywriter, Shawn Mason. Personal Facts: – Lives in Baltimore – Has degrees in English Education, Master’s In Marketing and Organizational Management – Author of The Work From Home Bible – revised edition available in February – Featured in Forbes, The Baltimore Sun, NPR To Your Success Che Brown The Happy Entrepreneur

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