Successful People Transform Themselves From Good to Great. There’s always room for improvement. No matter who you are, there’s always room for improvement. And there always will be. Because when you hit pause in your busy life and reflect on your emotional wellbeing, small parts of your life in which you are not fulfilling your true potential bubble and rise to the surface. When you stay busy and focused on achievement, you aren’t as aware of your shortcomings. You are worshipping results, outcomes, and other measurable signs of progress–the ever-elusive and never-ending goal of professional development.

Join Dr. Barbara Young as she spills all the beans tonight: Transformation For Success, Monday, 7/6 @ 11:00 pm Eastern – Watch in HD and get the notes and replay.

Who is Dr. Barbara Young?

Dr. Barbara Young is President/CEO of BJY Enterprises and is passionate about transforming the lives of individuals globally through her interviews using (OPV) other people’s voices that range from CEO’s, Sports figures, Entertainment, TV personalities, Finance Experts, Coaches, Authors, Health Experts, via her international multi-media on-line radio and Television platforms. She is currently an award-winning internationally known radio talk show host of her syndicated show, Transformation for Success on the Empowerment, Business and Influencers Channels; and also syndicated on six podcasts are on the largest platform in the world, VOICE AMERICA that reaches 3 ½ million listeners/viewers a month. She is also President/CEO of the On-Line Television Network, Transformation Success TV (TSTV) also on the Voice America platform. She produces and hosts with four co-hosts The Total Woman Show on one of its eight channels.

Dr. Young is known as the powerful Dr. “B” who is high energy, spiritual and powerful, who provides impactful dynamic presentations that have inspired and moved some of the most successful people across the world to action to transform their lives for greater personal and professional success. She offers solutions she designed from a holistic perspective. Her view is radically unique. She is an author, TEDx speaker, and a re-careered senior level higher education administrator/professor for 37 years, and still is in high demand as a speaker. She also teaches public policy/leadership to professional women who are seeking community political involvement and political offices.

She also founded and launched Personal Life Growth Development/Leadership Seminars in California and statewide, and later founded a Women Power Broker Series for women locally, nationally and internationally. More recently she founded a new program under her foundation, Millennials Speak Today that is designed to help them achieve more success spiritually, personally and professionally.

Educated with BA and master’s Degrees in Social Psychology/Counseling and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Behavior from the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Young has received many awards, accolades and recognition for her work and recently received an “honorary” doctorate degree in theology. In December 2016, Dr. Young was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence by President Barack Obama. Dr. Barbara Young ‘s book, “Dancing on Broken Legs: Journey of a D.I.V.A” released in 2017 is in Amazon and Barnes and Nobles and her newest book, “Recipes for Personal Best Success,” is due to be released in the fall!

Dr. Young is committed to “transforming the lives of 10 million individuals,” before she departs the earth, so that these individuals can also step into their destinies and impact the world! Her view is radically unique. Dr. “B” as she is called is the “Go-To Influencer” today for many men and women today seeking to have their voices heard through media to make a difference in the world!

Watch in HD and get the notes and replay

To Your Success

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