How to handle the in-laws during wedding planning. The best part of a wedding? Getting everyone you love in the same room. The hardest part? Getting everyone you love in the same room. In a matter-of-fact-tone this is the advice I gave my oldest son Che Brown Jr on the way to our family meeting with my future in-laws to discuss wedding plans and “help” my son and future daughter-in-law make decisions for their wedding. Now you will never believe the things that caused a major disruption when the whole family gets to have a say when planning a wedding — seriously can’t we all just get along? oh well, I call these the “I-want-it-my-way” moments — and it happens in life so why not expect it when planning a wedding with family and in-laws! In the end after everyone had expressed their opinions I quietly told my son: All these little things won’t matter 1 year from now — what matters most is Brittanee agreed to marry you for a reason. She is attracted to you. She thinks you are funny. She laughs at your jokes. She loves making love to you. She trusts you and respects you. She is proud of you. Don’t screw this up. She loves who you are now and who you are becoming tomorrow. You and I will work through the wedding details over the next several months. Just know I am proud of you (takes a certain person to agree to these wedding planning meetings) and I’ll always be with you – for the rest of your life.

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