What does it mean to come back? If you simplify it down to the basics, it’s the essence of you. No human is limited. That’s what’s calling you to strive to BE BETTER, and the journey itself rewrites the rules.  

It’s this fine balance of PUSHING PAST BOUNDARIES you didn’t even know you could. The toughest roads lead to the top. The stage is set for The World’s Greatest Comeback Champions, proof that hard work pays off!

Tonight I am asking 5 awesome Champions to share the one lesson they learned to help you succeed in life and business.  Join 5 guest experts (Danielle Duncan, Dr. Tekemia Dorsey, Dorshena Pittman, Cherisa Allen and Seanne Wilson) as they spill all the beans:  Champions Always Comeback Part 3 of 6.  Wednesday, 5/26 @ 11:00 pm Eastern – Watch in HD www.ComebackChampionNation.com  and get the notes and replay.


Forever and always 

Che Brown 

“StayConsistentToday – The best days of your life are coming.”


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